Athletic Field Design

Creating an unforgettable field begins with design. At LTG Sports Turf One, our goal is to design each field by keeping safety, durability, and aesthetics in mind while consciously working with your budget to achieve the highest quality field possible.

More Than Nice Sports Design

There is more to design than the layout of your field or facility. We work to define the condition and needs of the underlying structure in order to produce results that will accommodate build specifications. We are familiar with the special needs of sports fields including local weather, drainage and accompanying facilities like concessions and storage.

Our Qualified In-House Design Team Can Assist You With The Following:

  • Field Design
  • Stadium Design
  • Estimating & Budgeting
  • Drawings and Renderings
  • Project Concepts
  • Consultation
  • Soil Analysis
  • And more

Athletic Fields Should Be Designed To Meet Dimensions Established For The Game For Which They Will Be Used.

Our team will work with you to develop a plan and strategy to achieve your vision. We’re your partner from design and demolition through irrigation, turf installation, lighting installation and athletic field maintenance.

South Florida’s Leading Field Construction Company for Sports Field Design

When you are trying to get a sports field all set up, the process can seem overwhelming. Don’t let the idea of creating the athletic sports field prevent you from having the best athletic field created for sports players. LTG Sports Turf One has the best athletic field construction team with the most comprehensive training and the commitment to creating, constructing and maintaining each client’s ideal sports field.

Your Dream Athletic Field Design, Construction and Maintenance

Make your vision of the best sports field a reality with LTG Sports Turf One. We stand for creating environments built on the promise of safety, versatility, and passion. Let LTG Sports Turf One put together the athletic field you desire because we are leaders in creating an athletic field design that supports your requests and still meets your budget cost.

Process for Field Design

At LTG Sports Turf One, we do our best to make the process of your sports design project run smoothly and on schedule so that the completion occurs in the expected time frame. We dedicate time and diligence in our efforts of sports field design and construction to get you the best possible result.

Athletic Field Design

Whether you need a football field, baseball field, soccer field, softball field, lacrosse field, or equestrian field, LTG Sports Turf One is your trusted athletic field design company. The process of creating your sports field begins with the design. It is our duty at LTG Sports Turf One to have an accurate understanding of the grounds the field is being built on so that the best possible field can be created. This will help us determine whether any types of accommodations need to be made due to the grounds. Due to athletic sports field having specific requirements pertaining to potential weather conditions and proper drainage, we calculate this into the design equation. We also make it a point to consider whether there will be a concession stand, covered areas, and additional field areas.

Field Construction

When the sports field design idea is set and you approve, the next phase of your project is to move forward with the construction. The construction that we do to create your sports field follows the design. You get to decide what type of field fits your preference for design best, whether it is a synthetic turf field or a natural grass field. While both of these types fields have their benefits, the choice is up to you. If you decide on synthetic turf, then we move forward with proper installation to ensure a safe field. Deciding to move forward with natural grass will mean that instead, we plan on installing real grass, grooming the current grounds, and other necessary changes for proper construction.

Turf Maintenance

At LTG Sports Turf One, we offer more than sports field design and construction. We provide a turf maintenance service so that your athletic field remains in good standing condition. Whether a natural grass field or a synthetic turf, we are able to keep the field in a condition that makes it look new!

Why LTG Sports Turf One is the Best Athletic Field Design Company for You

LTG Sports Turf One is the best athletic field design, construction, and maintenance company because we are committed to excellence. We know how critical precision, alignment, and structure are to a sports field, which is why we dedicate our work to reaching perfection. For your sports field construction and design plans, contact LTG Sports Turf One to get started today.