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Why Synthetic Turf Is Superior To Natural Grass

When designing and constructing a new sports field or complex, it’s important to know which playing surface you prefer. It may seem like the obvious choice to choose natural grass, however artificial turf offers a wealth of benefits to both sports field designers and players alike. Much debate has sparked over whether artificial turf or natural grass is better than the other, however, it has been proven time and again that synthetic turf is superior to that of natural grass. While natural grass is the classic choice of sports field designers, it can also be costly, not as eco-friendly, and ...
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Most Impressive Sports Stadiums

Throughout history, some of the most remarkable stadiums have been designed and constructed. Some have been destroyed over the years – whether it be through turmoil or usage – and caused others to be completed redesigned. This has led to some of the most remarkable stadiums being created throughout the years. Whether it be because of their massive seating capacity, stadium, and sports field design, or uniqueness, some stadiums stand out above the rest as the most impressive in the world. Most Impressive Stadiums Worldwide Michigan Stadium Bejing National Stadium Kaohsiung National Stadium U.S. Bank Stadium Michigan Stadium   Nicknamed ...
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The Difference Between Natural Grass and Artificial Turf

While it may seem like natural grass and artificial turf are relatively identical, there are stark differences that separate the two. They create completely different playing environments and can change the way an athlete plays. When preparing a full athletic field construction job, it’s vital to be aware of which one to go with during the design process. Don’t blindly choose one over the other, though. Knowing what differentiates the two can certainly make the process much easier. Differences in Natural Grass and Artificial Turf The Look Playability Maintenance Cost The Look One of the major differences between natural grass ...

Why Is Sports Field Maintenance So Important?

From baseball to soccer, sports turf management will not only keep a field looking great, but it is also critical to the safety and health of its users. At Sports Turf One, we have decades of experience in designing, constructing and maintaining natural and synthetic sports turf fields. With our state-of-the-art equipment and technical expertise, our team will ensure that your field stands against wear and tear which will reduce the risk of injury for players and save you money in the long run. There are many benefits to getting regular sports field maintenance. With our personalized maintenance plan, we ...