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Most Impressive Sports Stadiums

Throughout history, some of the most remarkable stadiums have been designed and constructed. Some have been destroyed over the years – whether it be through turmoil or usage – and caused others to be completed redesigned. This has led to some of the most remarkable stadiums being created throughout the years. Whether it be because of their massive seating capacity, stadium, and sports field design, or uniqueness, some stadiums stand out above the rest as the most impressive in the world. Most Impressive Stadiums Worldwide Michigan Stadium Bejing National Stadium Kaohsiung National Stadium U.S. Bank Stadium Michigan Stadium   Nicknamed ...

Why Is Sports Field Maintenance So Important?

From baseball to soccer, sports turf management will not only keep a field looking great, but it is also critical to the safety and health of its users. At Sports Turf One, we have decades of experience in designing, constructing and maintaining natural and synthetic sports turf fields. With our state-of-the-art equipment and technical expertise, our team will ensure that your field stands against wear and tear which will reduce the risk of injury for players and save you money in the long run. There are many benefits to getting regular sports field maintenance. With our personalized maintenance plan, we ...
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What Goes Into The Design Of A Sports Field

When designing an athletic field for construction there are many factors to take into account. Purpose and environment are the two original topics to consider for this project. The dimensions will need to accommodate the standards of the game for which the field is designed whether it is for baseball, football, lacrosse, or equestrian sports. They will also need to change based on the setting whether it is for a professional stadium, a university, or a public park. Setting The Stage Once the site has been decided, the next step is an evaluation. This should include different grades of soil, ...
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The Best College Football Fields

Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in America. College football is no exception. Millions of die-hard fans willingly flock to college football stadiums across the country each year to show pride for college teams. The fun and excitement that each game brings is a unique experience for the dedicated fans. Watching the game from home on television is a great way to stay in the zone for some fans. For others, nothing compares to being surrounded by thousands of roaring fans at the game and being a part of the crowd. There are numerous stadiums around the world, but ...
Football Field Construction

Key Parts of Football Field Construction

Sports field construction in Florida can be a very overwhelming project to undertake. There’s seldom any space in the more populated areas, and wherever there is space is typically unstable ground such as the swamps and Everglades that run throughout the state. Football fields and the surrounding stadium are extremely large and require a massive amount of time to be completed. Florida still continues to build full football fields and stadiums due to their sheer beauty. There are plenty of vital elements that make for the perfect stadium. The most important parts of a full football field buildout include: Exterior ...

Top Five Common Factors in Soccer Field Construction

When a soccer field construction project gets started, an immense amount of planning goes into it before construction begins. A numerous amount of factors are considered from day one. The smallest details are taken into consideration to make sure that nothing goes wrong when construction of the soccer field takes place. While there are many different topics of discussion when referring to sports complex construction, the five most common factors are: The Amenities Proper Sizing and Location Natural Grass or Artificial Turf Drainage Scheduled Maintenance and Restoration The Amenities With any sports field construction project comes the need to provide ...
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5 Elements to Create a Superior Football Field

  Football is one of the most grueling and hard-hitting sports an athlete can play. They leave it all on the field, taking impacts on every down. With the thrills that football can provide it’s important to construct and design a new football field that instills excitement and comfortability. Whether you are renovating a current football field or constructing a new field, it’s important to think everything that will be involved. Football Field Planning When renovating or constructing a football field, planning is the first and arguably the most important step. There are many factors to consider when planning the ...

10 Famous Sports Fields with Artificial Turf

Artificial turf installation for a sports field construction project has become an increasingly common decision for many years. Although some teams swear by natural turf, others are strong fans of artificial turf as well. The reality is that artificial turf has many benefits, to the point that it is used on numerous famous field across the United States. Here are 10 famous sports fields across the country that have artificial turf fields. AT&T Stadium is located in Dallas, Texas and is home to the All-American professional football team, the Dallas Cowboys. This field has the highest seating capacity of any ...

3 Top Entities that Need a Sports Field

From public parks to local colleges, there are some entities that simply need an athletic field of some sort in order to feel complete. Sports field construction is a big project, but one that is well worth it and stress-free when you hire the right athletic field construction company. At Sports Turf One, we have built epic fields for Division I college teams like the Miami Hurricanes and we have built fields like the one in the backyard of a young Wishmakers home. In our option, there are certain entities that must have a sports field constructed on site. Colleges ...