Football Field Design & Construction With Artificial Turf and Natural Grass

LTG Sports Turf One Inc has been providing football field design, construction and maintenance for years, and has built a reputation as one of the best artificial football turf and real grass field installers in Florida. Having worked with some of the top universities, major cities and townships, and major league sports teams in Florida, you can count on the experience and expertise of LTG Sports Turf One Inc. for all of your football field contractor needs.

Artificial Turf Football Field Construction and Natural Grass Renovations and Maintenance

We design and construct both natural grass and artificial turf football fields for professional teams, municipalities, schools, parks and more. Our artificial grass and synthetic turf football fields offer a long lifetime with reduced maintenance costs, and can be used in all weather conditions. The increased upfront costs are offset by lower maintenance costs and an increased lifespan of the football field. Natural grass fields have higher maintenance costs but offer a wonderful playing surface. Weather, budget and management all have to be taken into consideration when planning the design and construction of any football field playing surface, and LTG Sports Turf One’s experienced staff can help you when making these decisions.

Our Artificial and Real Grass Football Field Projects

University of Miami Football Practice Fields Synthetic Turf Construction

The University of Miami was experiencing severe flooding issues when it turned to LTG Sports Turf One to solve the problem. We helped renovate and build an artificial turf field and two natural grass fields with optimized irrigation and drainage.

Oxbridge Academy Thunderwolves Football Field

LTG Sports Turf One oversaw the design and construction of a new synthetic turf football field and a natural grass practice field. By not cutting any corners, Oxbridge Academy now boasts a 1,500 seat stadium that features the same turf used in the Buffalo Bill’s stadium.

Howard Schnellenberger Field at FAU Stadium

Florida Atlantic university contacted LTG Sports Turf One to address some severe drainage problems that they were having. Needing a new field that could handle the playing and weather conditions in South Florida, our team was able to implement proper drainage and irrigation. FAU kept us on board to provide maintenance for all of their football fields.