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3 Reasons Why Athletic Fields Maintenance is Necessary

Whether you have a soccer field, football field, or any other type of sports field it will require maintenance in order to maintain a certain level of safety and appearance. LTG Sports Turf can help maintain your sports field in Miami, Boca Raton, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Fort Pierce, and other nearby areas. Our athletic field service maintenance packages include Soil Testing, Fertilization Plan & Weed Control, Aerification, Topdressing, and so much more.   3 Reasons Why You Should Conduct Regular Scheduled Field Maintenance to Your Sports Field   Maintenance Helps Maintain Safe Playing Fields   Keeps The Appearance of ...

Why Sports Utilize Synthetic Turf Fields

Many sports and athletic fields are choosing synthetic turf over natural grass. Whether it’s baseball, football, or soccer, synthetic turf is being used now more than ever. Reasons for this include the effect on the environment, maintenance, weather, and durability. These are the benefits of installing artificial turf for each sport. Baseball A well-groomed baseball field creates the entire feeling when people walk into a baseball game. This is why synthetic turf is much more common in baseball fields. Many are choosing to use synthetic turf because of the lifespan compared to natural turf. With synthetic or artificial turf, there ...

4 Myths about Synthetic Turf for Sports Fields

One of the biggest decisions when planning a sports field construction project is choosing between synthetic and natural turf. Both synthetic and natural turf have pro’s and con’s, however, synthetic turf frequently gets a bad rep. There are a lot of myths floating around about synthetic turf that could sway your decision. We want to help you by tackling some of these myths and giving you the truth. Knowledge is power! We want to give you the power to make a confident decision when picking new turf for your athletic field construction project. Myth #1 – Synthetic Turf is a ...
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Sports Turf Maintenance

Keeping Synthetic Sports Fields in Optimum Playing Condition Synthetic sports fields look great for a long time but must be maintained in order to stay that way.  Here are a few tips to keeping your synthetic sports field green, vibrant, and in optimum playing condition. Repairs When it comes to sports turf maintenance, wear and tear on any sports field is inevitable.  Specific “high-traffic” areas will appear worn out faster than other areas.  Drains clog, seams come loose and extra infill may need to be added in some areas.  Check for damage and water as often as needed depending on your fields usage. When ...